Immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law. Its controlled by federal laws and there are several methods used to legally enter the UnitedImmigration attorneys claremore States. Not only is Immigration law complex, but it’s an area of the law that’s constantly shifting depending on the politics of our nation. Some of the recent administrative actions that change how people come to the United States underscore the need to stay current with the law. Our Rogers County immigration attorneys help you with all sorts of immigration needs. From student visas and family visas to employment to green cards our team can help you.

Fiance Visa:

Also known as a K-1 visa, is the visa you need if your fiance lives in another country. The fiance visa will allow your husband or wife to live legally in the United States. There are however, several requirements to getting a Fiance visa. To make sure that you comply with all the requirements of a K-1 visa you need the help from experienced immigration lawyers in Oklahoma. The process takes anywhere form 30 days on to six months. To qualify the following conditions must be met

    1. The marriage must be legal and not a sham.
    2. The persons must have met within the last two years.
    3. The person making the application must marry the person entering the U.S. within 90 days.

Student Visa:

Also known as the F-1 Visa. Student visa is perhaps one of the most simple and sought out visa applications to the United States. Applicants apply from all over the world in hopes of securing a college degree from the United States. In my opinion this application process is one of the easiest to get. The first step in this visa process is to apply and be accepted to a University. Once accepted to a full time program the school will send you an i-120. From there the process is simple.

Contact Claremore Immigration Attorneys:

An immigration can help you navigate the complexity involved with the federal government. Similarly, our immigration attorneys Claremore can help with all immigration issues. Whether its the visas set out above or any other we care and will help you. Call today for a free consultation or visit our Claremore Attorneys blog.